JS Simulation Library is written in pure Java language and for pure Java running environments. Its main purpose is to extend the js.Sim class to concrete implementations for various needs.

In other words, JS Emulation Library simulates the key features of JavaScript language for Java environments.

As a part of JS Libraries, this library actually supports your JS applets to run as real Java applets on web browsers. The implementation of simulation strongly relies on browser's implementation of Live-Connect. Despite the enormous effort and time spent on this library, I have just implemented the simulations on FireFox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome but it is unfortunately inefficient on IE. Currently there is no such simulation for Safari and Opera.

JS Simulation Library is written in pure Java and requires JDK 1.5 or above.


JS Simulation Library is developed solely by J.J.Liu (Jianjun Liu) and released in open source under GNU General Public License Version 3.

You can choose desired downloads or download the latest all-in-one distribution (still beta) of JS Simulation Library including source code and documentation by clicking on the following "Download" button after you have accepted the license agreement below:

I accept the above license agreement

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